Anyone who demands some semblance of continuity from Aqua Teen Hunger Force should have been driven stark raving mad a long time ago, so it’s doubtful any of them are reading this post, as right now they should be off drawing crayon doodles of their mother as a Boo Hag or sculpting their pubic hair into little people and holding tea parties or something. So for the rest of you: According to the below video announcement from a Meatwad puppet, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is changing its name to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One, reviving its old premise of having the cartoon crew work as detectives, and also relocating to Seattle. There, that wasn’t so bad, right? We’ve learned to accept these sorts of things, we rational observers of cartoon bullshit.

Anyway, you can see these revisions when the show’s new season debuts on May 8, which will be true and permanent insofar as you can trust the word of a Meatwad puppet. And because it’s a new day for the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad, there’s also a new theme song to introduce them, with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme and collaborator Alain Johannes contributing the below track as a replacement for the old Schooly D intro. (You can download it from Pitchfork.) CHANGES.

Josh Homme & Alain Johannes - "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One Theme" by 1077 The End