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Illustration for article titled Appreciate the vastness of Minecraft with iWired/i’s video infographic

Minecraft is huge. Sure, when you are down below level 15, rooting about for elusive diamond ore, or being chased by spiders in abandoned mine shafts, it can feel a little cramped. Barring those moments, Minecraft is defined by the sheer size of its pseudo-randomly generated environments and its staggering ubiquity.


Wired has created a suitably pixelated 8-bit video infographic, which demonstrates Minecraft’s enormousness using a series of metrics. From the number of units sold (54 million), and the volume of the overworld (room for 1,048,576,000,000 blocks), to the scope of projects (a 1:1 scale model of Denmark), Minecraft is huge in just about every way. Some statistics are left out, such as the number of first-time players who have successfully built a noob-house out of dirt, or the total amount of times that 11-year-old Minecrafters have ignored repeated calls to turn off the damn Xbox and get ready for dinner, but you can’t expect to contain all of Minecraft’s immensity within a two-and-a-half minute video.

So, if you’re intimidated by massive games, be warned. Minecraft is anxiety-inducingly gigantic, and may push you over the edge into full-blown panic when those arrow-shooting skeletons seemingly appear out of nowhere.

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