UPDATE: The YouTube video has been pulled after a copyright claim was made by Taylor Swift’s label, even though Swift herself apparently enjoyed the mashup.

UPDATED UPDATE: And we’re back!

Taylor Swift’sShake It Off” video is good, but it’s not late-’80s aerobics good. So it’s definitely for the best that YouTube user Thomas Jung combined Swift’s hit single with the video of the National Aerobic Championship from, of course, 1989. (Note: It may actually be from 1988.) It’s astonishing how well the song fits over the dance routine and surprisingly poignant just how well the “dance to your own drum” anthem is expressed through jubilant exercise routines a quarter-century old.

By the way, the Aerobic Championships didn’t end with the ’80s. Now called “sportaerobics,” The Association Of National Aerobic Championships Worldwide has become popular enough to go international; it hosted the 2014 championship in Las Vegas.