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Apple's Amazing Stories revival has a premiere date, so maybe it'll actually happen now

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The saga of Apple’s attempts to revive Steven Spielberg’s classic anthology show Amazing Stories could, itself, be classified as an amazing story (even if there are no fantasy or horror elements): Way back in 2015, we reported by Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller was developing a reboot of the show, and a few years later we heard some of the big names that Fuller had enlisted to develop scripts. Then Apple got on board, and a year after that—in 2018—Fuller did what Fuller does and dropped out of the show. That was nearly two years ago, but against all odds, Apple is just about ready to actually release the show on its Apple TV+ platform now.


At a Television Critics Associate event today, Apple revealed that Amazing Stories will premiere with five new episodes on March 6 (for real this time!), and possibly just to prove that the show was real, it also shared a first-look teaser image for an episode called “The Rift.” Directors for these episodes include Chris Long, Mark Mylod, Michael Dinner, Susanna Fogel, and Sylvain White, and actors include Dylan O’Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Josh Holloway, Sasha Alexander, and—in what is apparently his final role—Robert Forster.

That all being said, there is plenty of time between now and March 6, so there could be another huge setback that throws this show off-track again.

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