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As a writer and producer, Simon Kinberg has been involved in tons of geek-friendly content over the last couple decades, with him writing most of the last few X-Men movies and a handful of Star Wars Rebels episodes, and he’ll be making his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix in February. Presumably based on that impressive résumé, Apple has walked up to his house with that sounds like a dump truck full of money for an untitled sci-fi show that Kinberg is creating with David Weil (the up-and-coming writer behind Amazon’s Nazi-hunting show with Jordan Peele).


According to Deadline, the “ambitious” show that Kinberg and Weil are making for Apple will have a “large, large budget,” and it will be filmed “globally”—which makes it sound a little Game Of Thrones-y, in terms of the scale of the production. That’s all we know, but it speaks to how serious Apple is about this streaming service that we still know absolutely nothing about. After all, if Apple is happy to throw so much money at getting content on this thing without telling anyone what it’s called or how much it’ll cost or when it’ll be available, it must be the real deal, right? The only other possibility is that this is some weird scam and Apple’s about to skip town with all of Hollywood’s money crammed into a suitcase, but that wouldn’t make sense since Apple’s the one giving away the money… so we’re back at square one here.

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