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Apple TV+ renews For All Mankind ahead of series (and platform) launch

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Apple TV+ won’t launch until next month, but the streaming service has already canceled and renewed its first shows. The former just happened back in September when everyone realized it was a stupid idea to make a TV show about old white guys murdering self-absorbed millennials, and the latter just happened today. According to Deadline, Apple has already picked up Ronald D. Moore’s For All Mankind for a second season, making it the first Apple TV+ show to get a renewal (The Morning Show doesn’t count, because it was given a two-season order initially), with production “quietly” kicking off “within the past week or so.”


Deadline also suspects that this won’t be the only Apple show to get a relatively early renewal, with Jason Momoa’s See, Hailee Steinfeld’s Dickinson, immigration comedy Little America, and detective show Home Before Dark all reportedly making good impressions on the bosses at Apple—some of them may have even been renewed already, but perhaps Apple is being a little cautious about writing checks for seasons that its butt might not be able to cash yet. Nobody wants to be the next Seeso.

For All Mankind premieres on November 1.

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