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Apple TV+ launched earlier this month with four brand new series, none of which particularly lit the critical masses on fire. We were charmed by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show, sure, but For All Mankind and Dickinson felt like works-in-progress and Jason Momoa’s See saw us yawning through its early episodes. Is the decidedly mild buzz enough to ensure audiences stick with the nascent streamer? Apple is certainly hoping so, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that they’ll all be returning for a second season.

Per THR, production has already begun on the second seasons of For All Mankind—Ronald D. Moore and company got to work last month—and Dickinson, which apparently started building its next chapter months ago. Like its competition, Apple won’t be releasing its viewership information, but a source tells THR that “millions” have been watching and that the company is “thrilled.” A likely story.


Anyways, this all bodes well for Servant and Truth Be Told, the two scripted series Apple TV+ will premiere later this year. The former, a spooky story about child-rearing from M. Night Shyamalan, debuts on November 28, while the latter, a true crime tale starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul, lands on December 6.

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