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Apple’s killing off the iPod Shuffle and Nano

(Photo: Ryan Anson/AFP/Getty Images)

Apple announced today that it’s killing off the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano, the two cheapest entries in its famed MP3-player line. Per Rolling Stone, the products—which retailed for prices starting at $49 and $149, respectively—hadn’t been updated in years, and have now been pulled from the company’s online stores, going the way of the original clickwheel iPod in 2014.

Apple also altered its plans for the best-selling iPod Touch, discontinuing its 16 GB and 64 GB models, and dropping the price on the 32 GB (now $199) and 128 GB ($299) versions. Functionally, the Touch is basically an iPhone that can’t make calls or use a data plan. It has wifi and a camera, though, and (not coincidentally) is the only iPod capable of running apps from the AppStore, or connecting to the company’s Apple Music service.


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