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Apple removes Pepe The Frog game from its App Store

Pepe Scream (Image: Google Play Store)
Pepe Scream (Image: Google Play Store)

“Alt-right” hate mascot Pepe The Frog may be dead, but as everyone surely predicted, that hasn’t stopped the more despicable corners of the internet from continuing to worship the cartoon at their craven altars. Case in point: New York Magazine is reporting that some people recently tried to release a Pepe-themed game on the App Store, but they were summarily rejected due to the fact that Apple now recognizes Pepe as an offensive symbol. Being primarily associated with hate groups and internet creeps tends to do that.


This story doesn’t stop there, though, because the developers at Spirit Realm Games tried to play it off like they had no idea that Pepe was anything more than a funny internet meme—a point of view that would require someone to have stayed off the internet for over a year. Spirit Realm Games gave a statement to Vice, saying that they saw some Pepe memes and something “clicked,” inspiring them to make an innocent game about a “silly and funny idea” that they could show off to their friends.

Naturally, they presented the story a bit differently when they explained the situation on the The_Donald page on Reddit, with New York Magazine braving that vile wasteland for a full, very stupid quote:

My friend and I came up with the idea of combining shitposting with autistic screeching, so we made this just for fun. But when we tried to release to the App Store, we got hit with “Your app contains images and references of Pepe the Frog, which are considered objectionable content.”

This is pretty stupid, because we spent a ton of hours trying to get this to work on iOS and spent $99 on the developer license, and now we can’t even post it to the App Store.

tl;dr: Apple is full of cucks, Android for lyfe

Basically, they wanted to be assholes and are frustrated with Apple for not letting them be assholes. Also, if anyone’s curious about what the game is like, it’s called Pepe Scream and it is available on the Google Play store. It’s basically a Flappy Bird clone that you control with your voice, which sounds utterly awful, so maybe Apple’s decision to reject it was just as much about quality as it was about content.

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