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Apple continues to plow on ahead with its “Y’all like famous people, right?” approach to content creation, with news coming today that Ben Stiller and Adam Scott are teaming up for a new series on Apple TV+. Titled Severance, the series sounds like it’s riffing on the grim dystopia of the modern business community, and is sure to be a welcome respite from all our regular working lives of carefree toil and glee.

The series will see Stiller once again in full-behind-the-camera mode, as he was with last year’s Escape At Dannemora; he’ll be directing the show, created by Dan Erickson, while Scott serves as its star. Details on the plot are pretty light, but it’s being described as “a workplace thriller” about “a company that’s looking to take work-life balance to a new level.” We have no idea what that means—beyond the pit that suddenly formed in our stomachs at reading it—but if we were in the mood to speculate, it sure sounds like they’re going to be killing their employees, huh? (Or maybe cloning them, then killing them? It’s a good time for clones in TV right now, and killing is always in fashion.)


Anyway, this is Scott’s first starring TV role since Ghosted went off the air last year. (Remember Ghosted? It was fun, in an “Aw, there’s no way this is making it to two seasons” kind of way.) He also recently appeared on Big Little Lies, and in the Between Two Ferns movie.

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