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Apple has been quietly sitting on a revolutionary pizza box design for years

(Photo: Getty Images, Justin Sullivan)

Apple’s post-Steve Jobs output hasn’t been extremely exciting, unless you’re one of the people convincing themselves they actually like their Apple Watch, but that might be because the company has been hoarding its truly great innovations for its own employees. Today, Wired posted a glimpse into Apple’s new campus, a monstrous building in California that may or may not be an actual spaceship, but Gizmodo picked up on something even more mind-blowing than the new office space. Apparently, Apple has invented—and patented—a revolutionary new kind of pizza box that makes the old-fashioned cardboard crap that we have now look like, well, cardboard crap.

The boxes are available at the Apple Park café, and they differ from standard pizza containers in two ways: They’re circular, which cuts down on wasted corner space, and they have eight air holes cut into the top. That allows the box to release moisture, which ensures that the pizza crust doesn’t become too soggy by the time the Apple employee returns to whatever sci-fi pod the company uses instead of desks. Also, the boxes are white, which gives them a little bit of that Apple prestige.


Gizmodo points out that Apple originally filed the patent for these boxes way back in 2010, which means it’s been sitting on this life-changing pizza technology for seven years without sharing it. What other innovations has Apple been hiding? Salad containers that evenly distribute dressing automatically? Cups for cold drinks that don’t sweat in warm weather? Phones that don’t need to be replaced every few years? Obviously that last one is impossible, but it’s fun to dream.

[Note: Gizmodo, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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