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Apparently a Rise Of Skywalker script went up on eBay, nearly spoiling the film's biggest surprises

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With only a few weeks left before the current Star Wars trilogy concludes with The Rise Of Skywalker, fans must be on constant guard against the possibility of leaked plot details. The magic of Star Wars, as we all know, consists of learning which space wizards are related to which and who ends up killing who—all stuff that can be undermined by someone screaming plot points from a passing car or, as apparently almost occurred, a film script being sold online.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Skywalker director J.J. Abrams discussed this horrifying possibility, revealing that a single careless mishap with The Rise Of Skywalker’s script almost required Disney to call its mouse-eared global assassins into action. “One of our actors, I won’t say which one... left [the script] under their bed,” Abrams says. “It was found by someone who was cleaning their place.”

This treasure trove of secrets, all of which will be drilled into the pop culture lexicon by early January or so, was “given to someone else, who then went to sell it on eBay,” Abrams continues. Fortunately, the hair on Bob Iger’s neck must have stood up when he sensed this disturbance in the Q4 Force. Disney was alerted to the breach by someone who saw the listing, giving the corporate empire an opportunity to scuttle their Stormtroopers, who, with an ominous lack of details, Abrams simply says “got it back before it sold.”


“The security is insane,” Abrams mentions. “The company were really nervous about anything getting out.” He describes special paper stock used to print limited scripts and the “incredible” measures used to protect Skywalker’s plot from leaking out.

And thank god for all of that effort. Those of us who have been analyzing every scrap of information revealed in promotional materials and production details already know some of The Rise Of Skywalker’s biggest plot twists—like that the film ends with a few, erotically charged moments in which Chewbacca sloppily kisses one of his human companions (let’s not reveal who just yet!) while another, melancholy with jealousy, looks on—but the joy of the movies is seeing these scenes play out on the big screen for yourself with an audience widely unaware of what’s in store.

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