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Back in November, Roland Emmerich balked at making his (relatively) low-budget “found footage sci-fi” movie The Zone in part because its conceit was too similar to other upcoming films, particularly The Weinstein Company’s Apollo 18. As it turns out, Emmerich probably could have churned it out anyway, because at this rate no one’s going to see Apollo 18: The film has now been moved for a fifth time, ousted from its most recently scheduled debut date of August 26 and shifted to September 2—the infamous Labor Day dumping ground—where it will attempt to lure moviegoers into its spooky web of covert moon mission conspiracies instead of the tits-and-teeth thrills of Shark Night 3-D. At least, that’s the plan for the moment. Considering Michael Bay is about to blow the doors wide open on why we really never went back to the moon, don’t be surprised if Apollo 18 gets bumped again for being totally redundant. [via /Film]


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