Photo: Charley Gallay (Getty Images)

For the past week or so, the iconic Aphex Twin logo has been popping up around the world, teasing something new and presumably freaking out people who aren’t hip to the world of electronic music, but the teasing kicked up a notch this morning when Warp Records tweeted out a press release full of garbled text and distorted by the same Aphex Twin logo. One thing that could be read, though, was Collapse EP, evidently the name of this new Aphex Twin release:


Now, Stereogum has somehow found Collapse EP in another unexpected location: Adult Swim’s Monday night schedule. Nestled between episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Bob’s Burgers is something called “Aphex Twin: Collapse,” a thing that will air at 12:30 a.m. and run for about five minutes (based on when the Bob’s Burgers episode starts). Knowing Adult Swim, it could be a premiere of new music, it could be the Aphex Twin logo with nothing but static in the background for five minutes, or it could be a new Tommy Wiseau movie that happens to be titled Aphex Twin: Collapse for some reason. Was there a Sealab 2021 episode called “Aphex Twin: Collapse?” Because it could even be that. Either way, we’ll know late tomorrow night.