Aphex Twin at Coachella in 2008 (Photo: Getty Images, Charley Gallay)

The last couple of years have been surprisingly eventful for Aphex Twin, the nom de electronica of musician Richard D. James. First there was the release of a hot new blimp in August of 2014 followed by an actual album—Syro—in September of that year. Then, in 2015, he announced an EP, started mysteriously dumping unreleased tracks online, and then offered up a crazy batch of 207 songs for free. Now, Aphex Twin is making things eventful once again with the announcement of his first concert in the U.S. in eight years. (His last one was at Coachella in 2008.)

According to Billboard, Aphex Twin will be performing at Houston’s Day For Night festival “at some point” on either December 17 or 18. Naturally, this is Aphex Twin we’re dealing with, so things have to be at least a little complicated. All we know for now is that he posted a Day For Night teaser on Twitter, and that the festival’s organizers have confirmed that he’ll be there, referring to it as “the second moon landing for Houston.”