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Aphex Twin is releasing a new album, not just blimps

Confirming Richard D. James hasn’t yet graduated to a phase of only releasing blimps, this morning his official Twitter account announced the impending arrival of a new Aphex Twin album, titled SYRO, the first since 2001’s Drukqs. As befitting a campaign that has so far been carried out by zeppelin and sidewalk graffiti, the announcement of SYRO was made through a link that’s only accessible by using the “deep web” browser Tor, otherwise known as The Onion Router, an anonymous network our parent company created as a means of trading satire on the black market.


That link led to the above, expectedly disturbing image, as well as the one below, which appears to be a tracklist, a detailed web statistics report, or maybe a menu of some really great future-drugs. For its part, Pitchfork insists it’s the former, and confirms everything about this is official. It also provided a link for non-l33t n00bs that basically tells you nothing.

SYRO will mark the first new music James has released since his vinyl-only Analord series (under the AFX name), though recently the some the creator of Minecraft and some other donors to this Kickstarter (and people who know how to look things up, even on the regular, lame Internet) also heard the unreleased Aphex Twin album Caustic Window. Most importantly, it affirms that this plate of jerk chicken with a mysterious Aphex Twin sauce stain—currently going for a mere £31.00 on eBay—was indeed an important omen that is totally worth owning.

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