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Anything is possible, believe in yourself, etc.: Here are 8 working hoverboards

Screenshot: Vimeo

Below is a video of an incredibly enthusiastic chap relaying some information. Why is he so excited? Because that information is about eight real-life working hoverboards.

Since 2015—the year Back To The Future Part II promised us hoverboards, among other things—we’ve been inundated with people and companies claiming to deliver them finally, only to learn that they were pranks or prototypes for things that can only loosely be called “hoverboards.” But in this 10-minute video from an organization of drone enthusiasts called Euka, we are promised real hoverboards repeatedly, a tantalizing slice of a future we may or may not ever taste.


You probably did not expect that brisk euro-tech backing music to loop for the video’s full runtime, just as you probably did not expect to live in a world in which people are regularly building working hoverboards. And yet, both of those things have come to pass. Perhaps that music refused to give up because it was soundtracking some rip-roaring shit like this:

And also this guy, exhibiting the future of corporate team-building exercises, in which one man floats around on a rectangle in a perfect metaphor for middle-management:


“Maybe someday there will be a hoverboard park in every city!” the excitable narrator of the video yells at one point. Yeah, man, maybe! And when that happens we’ll also fight wars astride these fuckers:


Anyway, these all seem extremely unsafe and should never be released.

[via Boing Boing]


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