(Image: CBS)

If your enjoyment of Star Trek has always been a held back by the brand’s general lack of explicit nudity, violence, and profanity, then you’ll be happy to hear that Bryan Fuller’s new Star Trek TV series will boldly fucking go where no other Star Trek show has fucking gone before—or at least it could. Speaking with Collider, Fuller explained that his series—which will be airing on the CBS All Access streaming service—won’t have to adhere to network TV’s usual standards and practices. In other words, he can get a lot more graphic than original series creator Gene Roddenberry could back in the ‘60s.

Of course, Fuller isn’t Michael Bay or Zack Snyder, and he understands that the original show’s lack of nudity and f-bombs wasn’t exactly a problem. He told Collider that “Star Trek’s not necessarily a universe where I want to hear a lot of profanity,” and that these looser restrictions will probably just change what his show “can do graphically.” That means that instead of dudes just getting zapped with Phasers or whatever, they might get properly slaughtered like some of the victims from Fuller’s Hannibal.


The first season of Fuller’s Star Trek will consist of 13 episodes, and it will debut early next year.