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Equalizer and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua might be moving from big screen directing into small screen producing, with news breaking today that he’s in talks with The Weinstein Company to executive produce a TV adaptation of Andy McNab’s Nick Stone books. McNab’s long-running thriller franchise centers on a former soldier and freelance military operator who must balance his clandestine work with a complicated personal life, in a setup that Deadline describes as a kind of cross between the BBC One cop drama Luther and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan books.

If he signs on to the project, Fuqua will most likely direct the show’s pilot, establishing the visual style, as well as the sorts of wacky hijinx Stone will get into when his personal and professional lives collide. You know how it is: You’ve got a playdate set up with the nice couple down the street for your daughter, who you adopted when her parents were brutally murdered right in front of you as part of a wide-ranging international conspiracy. But then, your phone buzzes, and you realize you’re double-booked to take down a human trafficker with a sideline in heroin! What to do, what to do… (The answer, of course is to hold a live-fire playdate down at the docks, but that can’t be the solution to all your problems.)


Of course, dabbling in TV doesn’t mean Fuqua is abandoning his film career. His most recent movie, Southpaw, is set to debut on July 24, and he’s currently at work on an adaptation of The Magnificent Seven with his favorite leading man, Denzel Washington, as well as Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt.