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Antoine Fuqua may reunite with Denzel Washington to just make The Equalizer already

After the project has passed through filmmakers like Paul Haggis, Rupert Wyatt, and Nicolas Winding Refn, Sony may have finally found a director for The Equalizer who can stop futzing around with personal vision and just give Denzel Washington a gun already. Deadline says Antoine Fuqua is now in early talks to reteam with his Training Day star on the ’80s TV adaptation, noting the two have “been looking to work together ever since”—probably redundantly, seeing as Fuqua’s filmography in the intervening years has included undistinguished thrillers such as Shooter, Brooklyn’s Finest, and Olympus Has Fallen, with each passing mention of “From the director of Training Day…” in their previews turning ever more mocking. “Hey, remember that time we did something and you got an Academy Award? We should do something again sometime,” Fuqua has been hinting to Washington for over a decade now, until finally Washington admits, okay, maybe he’s got this other movie where he plays a tough guy.


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