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Antoine Fuqua inches ever closer to just directing a dang superhero movie, already

Denzel Washington, pretty much already playing Batman in Antoine Fuqua’s The Equalizer 2.
Photo: Sony Pictures

Training Day director Antoine Fuqua’s recent films are already borderline superhero movies—what else are we supposed to call Denzel Washington’s Equalizer character, a dude who takes a bunch of bad guys apart with a dainty little teapot?—but now it sounds like he’s taking yet another tiny, timid step toward the actual capes and cowls set. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Fuqua has just signed on to direct something called Infinite for Paramount, about a bunch of mysterious mostly-immortals, and the possibly schizophrenic guy whose hallucinations/memories they have to rely upon to guide them.

Comic fans will be quick to note that Infinite’s premise already has a lot in common with Neil Gaiman’s 2006 Eternals miniseries for Marvel, which re-imagined the classic Jack Kirby characters as a bunch of amnesiacs wandering the Earth, unaware of their longevity and powers. Non-nerds, meanwhile will probably just be wondering which character Denzel will end up playing; we could see him as the mentally ill guide, or the heroic leader, or the dogged cop trying to figure out what’s going on with all these people who just won’t die. Dude’s versatile, is what we’re saying, and if anybody’s going to lure him into a superhero suit, his old buddy Fuqua is probably the guy.


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