The Equalizer

Back in 2014, Denzel Washington starred in The Equalizer, an Antoine Fuqua-directed update of an ‘80s TV show about a retired badass soldier guy who tries to make up for his dark past by acting generally helpful. The film ended up being fine, but Sony Pictures was so confident in it that it started developing a sequel months before The Equalizer had even come out. Now, according to /Film, both Washington and Fuqua have signed on to return to the sequel, with Washington starring and Fuqua directing (obviously). Also, as /Film points out, this will be the first sequel of Washington’s career, which hopefully opens the door for him to return to some of his other big roles. Who wouldn’t want to see Deja Vu 2: Deja Vu All Over Again, or Return Flight, or 2 Guns 2: 3 Guns? Or maybe The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 4? How about Man On Fire 2: Revenge Of Creasy’s Ghost? The Magnificent Eight? All of those would probably be great movies.