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Anti-diversity advocates are organizing a “march on Google”

(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

In what we can only assume is great news for AltaVista and Ask Jeeves, anti-diversity advocates and the “PC culture-gone crazy” crowd have declared war on Google, attempting to organize a march on several of its business headquarters in the U.S., scheduled to take place next week. Planning for the march apparently began shortly after the company fired engineer James Damore, just because he wrote and circulated an internal memo advocating for all the reasons women shouldn’t be engineers, and calling for an end to the company’s diversity policies in favor of more tolerance for anti-diversity advocates like himself. (And also, presumably, for riling the entire internet up against the company with a torrent of bad press.)

The protesters are accusing Google of censoring their criticism of it, usually using combinations of the words “Amendment,” “First,” and “fascism,” in a pretty good facsimile of what the Constitution might look like if you ran it through a meat grinder and reassembled it from scraps. They’re also trying to get Damore himself—who was recently seen wearing a shirt comparing the six-figure job he ”Well, actually”ed his way out of with a Russian prison camp—to appear and speak for the masses. Meanwhile, we can only assume those anti-Google advocates who can’t make it out to the five planned locations will take their march online, typing in search terms like “Fuck you, censors” and “You can pry my flag GIFs out of my cold, dead hands” into the engine for hours and hours at a time.


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