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Anthony Michael Hall to play Brad Pitt’s sidekick in War Machine


As reported by Deadline, Anthony Michael Hall has signed on to Netflix’s black comedy War Machine. The movie was inspired by the book The Operators: The Wild And Terrifying Inside Story Of America’s War In Afghanistan, and it’ll star Brad Pitt as a “rock star” general loosely based on real-life “rock star” general Stanley McChrystal. Hall will play General Hank Pulver, a character who is described as the “sidekick” of Pitt’s character, which probably means he’ll be the The Edge to Pitt’s Bono, or maybe the Ringo Starr to Pitt’s all of the other Beatles. Topher Grace has also joined the project as Pitt’s character’s civilian press advisor, which is a role that also sounds a bit like a sidekick to us. Maybe Pitt’s general is such a big rock star that he requires multiple sidekicks? If that’s the case, he and Hall will be Bono and The Edge, and then Topher Grace is everyone who hangs around U2 but isn’t famous.


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