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According to Deadline, Anthony Mackie from the Marvel movies and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II from a DC movie have joined the cast of Black Mirror’s upcoming new season. We don’t know anything about what characters they might play, what sort of stories they might appear in, or whether they’ll even be in the same episode, though, because Netflix is being as quiet about the new episodes of Black Mirror as it is about everything. We can assume that the two of them will appear in a story about some seemingly exciting piece of technology that is actually dark and scary, since that’s the center of almost every Black Mirror story that isn’t about fucking a pig, and we can also assume that they won’t be appearing in a sequel to “San Junipero”—since series creator Charlie Brooker shot down that idea last year.


Either way, this will be the fifth season for Black Mirror, with Netflix’s last foray into Brooker’s twisted world bringing us the choose-your-own-adventure-style Bandersnatch. A few days after that interactive TV show/movie thing premiered, we reported that Bandersnatch was such a complex production that it required the actual new season of Black Mirror to be delayed, so Anthony Mackie’s appearance is probably still a ways off.

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