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Anthony Daniels is teasing something on Twitter, and it's not as cute as he thinks it is

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

Perhaps better than anyone else in the galaxy, Anthony Daniels tends to know at any given moment what, exactly, is going on with Star Wars. He’s been in every movie, even the one that C-3PO isn’t in, and he clearly loves the brand so much that Disney and Lucasfilm are comfortable with making him an ambassador for the interests of Star Wars around the world. So, if Daniels starts letting on that he knows something the rest of us don’t, it’s probably worth paying attention to because he definitely knows something the rest of us don’t. Earlier this month, Daniels began doing literally that, with a vague tweet about “something amazing coming towards us” that—simply because of who Daniels is—is probably related to Star Wars:


Is he talking about the full title for Episode IX? Is he talking about a trailer? Maybe a C-3PO spin-off movie? It’s fun to speculate! Luckily, Daniels came back a few days later with another hint, teasing that everyone “except one” had been “looking the wrong way.” He also noted that he’s not talking about “a movie title or trailer,” making it all even more mysterious.

Then Daniels came back with another hint that had even less information, hinting at a name of some kind and reiterating that there’s still one person who “got it.” At this point, it all started to feel a little less fun, especially without any concrete information about when we might get the Episode IX title or trailer. For all we know, he could be teasing something that has nothing to do with Star Wars, and the reveal is just going to get more and more disappointing the longer he drags it out.


Luckily, Daniels returned again today with another mysterious message that reveals everything! Just kidding, it’s another pointless goddamn tease. Remember those scenes in Star Wars where it’s implied that R2-D2 is firing off a series of bad words while 3PO chastises him for being rude? These tweets are proof that R2 was always right to treat 3PO like shit. Anyway, here’s whatever this is:


So what is this all about? At this point, we don’t even really care anymore. If it’s about Star Wars, fine. If it’s not about Star Wars, that’s also fine… but it better be about Star Wars, you gold-plated bastard.

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