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Anthony Bourdain's crime novel is going to be a movie

Anthony Bourdain already has two TV shows, a writing gig on Treme, and all the anuses he can eat, and now he's expanding his enivable dominion to the world of feature films. The smoke-cured chef has sold the rights to his 2000 novel Bone In The Throat, a mob caper about the criminal goings-on in a Little Italy restaurant and the street-smart sous chef caught in between who is named "Tommy" instead of "Tony," in a moment of humility for Bourdain. While previous attempts to turn Bourdain's writing into fictionalized entertainment resulted in the bland cafeteria food that was Kitchen Confidential, moving Bone to the big screen means that Bourdain's salty language and obligatory drug references should remain intact. Still, already there have been some changes—most notably, relocating the setting to East London, which means that the ruthless wiseguys threatening the career of Bourdain's fictional alter ego won't be the usual Italian-American stereotypes, but rather the only slightly less played-out Guy Ritchie types. It also means that the food will be awful, just awful.


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