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Ant-Man releases exciting first look at Paul Rudd in a hoodie

Remember Ant-Man? Sure you do. After a series of pre-production personnel changes that made the ill-advised Akira remake look efficient by comparison, Marvel’s latest blockbuster merchandising opportunity began principal photography yesterday in San Francisco. And because cameras were rolling, today the studio has released its first official image of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man.

Only he’s not dressed as Ant-Man, but rather as Scott Lang, the con artist who will eventually become Ant-Man. Which means this is basically a photo of Paul Rudd looking pensive in a hoodie. Butt he appears to have butterfly bandages on his eye, so we can assume there will be a fight scene at some point? Also, there’s a van. Criminals love vans, because you can do all kinds of crime in there and nobody’s the wiser. It’s all coming together.


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