While Simon Pegg may have teased the Internet with hints that he’d be starring in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, it seems Marvel has other plans for its next big Marvel franchise besides turning it over to a couple of goofy British comedy buds, who would probably only pronounce it like “Ahnt-Man” anyway. Instead they want an American everydude to put his wry spin on Wright’s dialogue—a Joseph Gordon-Levitt- or even Paul Rudd-type, say, and so those two have reportedly become the frontrunners for the role of size-shifting scientist Henry Pym, according to Variety. Gordon-Levitt being in the running is hardly a surprise, seeing as Marvel already pursued him for Guardians Of The Galaxy and is probably thisclose to creating Independent Collaborative Film Production Man, just to get him in one of their movies finally. But Rudd is something of a surprise, given that he’s never come anywhere close to playing the superhero (unless you count narrowly saving a handful of romantic comedies from being completely unwatchable). Variety also allows that, as always, there’s a “remote possibility” that a third name could enter the running, so maybe don’t count out Fyvush Finkel just yet. #fyvushforantman