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Another year, another compilation of local news bloopers

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News bloopers might be the best bloopers, if only because seeing the chipper, waxen personalities put together by news anchors curdle into the vulnerability and weariness of an actual human is so stark. When the camera’s away, the veil drops in spectacular ways. Let us rejoice, then, for News Be Funny, a YouTube channel devoted to piecing together the year’s most cringeworthy broadcasts.


Yesterday saw the release of their annual best bloopers of 2019 compilation, which contains several gems, the best of which demonstrate the gap between performance and actual personality. But, though it’s delightful to watch a woman giggle while recounting the story of a bomb threat that just turned out to be a guy saying he’d “blow up” the Home Depot bathroom with a giant shit, it’s a little too heavy on the “anchors cracking up” trope. Yes, it’s funny when someone accidentally says “warm fart” or “buttload of tourists” and struggles to compose themselves, but where’s the awkward cuts, the dead stares, and the simmering resentment?

They are, it turns out, in the below compilation, which, though it came out three months ago, is our call for the year’s definitive supercut of news bloopers. There’s weird zooms, misplaced graphics, and people falling and dropping things, as well as a silent, stone-faced correspondent, completely unaware that they’re on live TV as the anchor fruitlessly asks question after question. The silence is deafening in the best possible way.

Bonus points go to the story about a guy named “Doo-Doo Bottom.” We’d giggle through that, too.


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