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Another Walking Dead finale, another ratings record

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As inevitable as mankind’s own downfall at the hands (and voracious jaws) of a force it cannot control—but can kill countless hours jabbering about temporarily overcoming—last night’s season-three finale of The Walking Dead brings with it news of a record-breaking audience. AMC reports via press release that “Welcome To The Tombs” pulled in a series-best 12.4 million total viewers, 8.1 million of which were in the advertiser-preferred demographic of ages 18 to 49. The network’s math puts that performance at a 38 percent increase over the ratings of season two’s finale, more than enough justification for keeping vague, not-to-be-spoiled elements of season three around for the series’ next go-round.


In a show that, hey, there just might be something to this process of watching a television show live and then immediately dissecting it alongside likeminded individuals, The Talking Dead also hit a series high. Its 5.2 million viewers are trumpeted as besting Game Of Thrones 4.4 million total viewers, never mind the fact that a large percentage of Game Of Thrones’ audience is waiting to catch up with its latest season première via HBO Go. (Or other, less-legal means of online viewing.) In semi-related, “LOL zombie Jesus” news, History Channel’s The Bible finished out its impressive run with 11.7 million total viewers who had to wait to catch up with Walking Dead on the DVR because they were stuck with their families on Easter Sunday.

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