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Another Stan Lee superhero is getting a live-action movie, but not in the United States

Chakra The Invincible

According to HitFix, another one of Stan Lee’s many comic book creations is getting a live-action movie, but unlike Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Iron Man, and J. Jonah Jameson, this superhero doesn’t live in New York—or even the United States. We’re talking about Chakra The Invincible, a character that Lee designed for superhero fans in India. Chakra gets his powers from a high-tech/magic suit that can channel and weaponize his chakras, and he has already gotten an animated movie on Cartoon Network India. That cartoon was about Chakra as a young teenager, but this big-screen movie—Chakra’s first—will reportedly make him more of an adult instead.

Stan Lee released a statement about this news, saying that he’s “really excited” about Chakra The Invincible being his “first Bollywood superhero movie.” He also says that he thinks it’ll be a “massive hit in India and around the world,” and he hopes the director remembers to give him a cameo.


Chakra The Invincible doesn’t have a release date yet, and there’s no word on if it’ll come out in the United States.

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