In Iron Man 2, Mickey Rourke’s villainous Ivan Vanko is determined to get revenge on Tony Stark because his father—allegedly—got Vanko’s father deported to Russia and stole some of his work. Now, thanks to Captain America‘s TV show spinoff Agent Carter and its 1946 setting, we’ll actually get to see some of that initial feud play out. We reported back in June that Dominic Cooper would be appearing on the ABC show as Howard Stark—Iron Man’s Iron Dad—and now, according to Variety, Costa Ronin will be showing up at some point as Anton Vanko. Ronin is best known for his role as Oleg Burov on FX’s The Americans, which seems to suggest that this Russian guy is being typecast as Russian guys. We’re not sure how we feel about that.

Agent Carter, which stars Hayley Atwell as the eponymous Agent Carter, will premiere on ABC on January 6. There’s still no word on how many other characters’ dads will show up, but we’re hoping to see as many as possible. They can form their own Dad Avengers, make dumb jokes to waitresses, and then pass off the real parenting decisions onto the Mom Avengers.