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Another Mark Millar comic is being made into a movie

If there’s a line between a comic book creator and a guy who makes elaborate movie pitches that you can buy in comic book-form, Mark Millar crossed it a long time ago. Three of his books have already been turned into movies, with Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kick-Ass 2, and then there are the four still in production: Secret Service, Kindergarten Heroes, Starlight, and—as announced earlier this month—Superior. Also, Fox basically put him in charge of their X-Men and Fantastic Four movies for some reason.

In the time it took to read that paragraph, yet another Mark Millar-created comic has been chosen for a big-screen adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, super-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (who also backed the Transformers and G.I. Joe movies) has picked up the rights to Millar’s MPH, the story of a group of teenagers who get super-speed from a street drug. Millar says Lorenzo di Bonaventura is the sort of guy who “knows how to make huge pictures,” and he refers to the MPH movie as “one of the bigger Millarworld adaptations,” indicating that, yes, he actually refers to his collected works as “Millarworld,” just like a sane person would. Also, adding credence to the idea of Millar just being a guy who makes movies now, the first issue of MPH isn’t even out yet.


A studio and screenwriter have yet to be attached to MPH, so it’s still a ways off, but maybe another one of Millar’s comics will be turned into a movie in the meantime.

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