Suggesting that The Walking Dead is slowly turning into a sequel to The Wire—one in which society’s crippling institutionalized corruption is at last eradicated, because everyone’s a zombie now—Wire alum Lawrence Gilliard. Jr. will join the show in its fourth season. Gilliard, who played the conscience-stricken drug lieutenant D’Angelo Barksdale, will portray another character haunted by his past: Bob Stookie, the former Army medic described as a “a loner though he maintains a charming yet self-deprecating and confident façade.” Like much about The Walking Dead, TV Bob is a departure from his comics incarnation, Bob Stookey—not only in the spelling of his name, but in the fact that he’s apparently no longer the town drunk nor a fiftysomething white man. And as alluded to up top, Gilliard will be the second Wire alum on the show alongside Chad Coleman (Tyreese)—at least until the latter dies, because there can only be one black guy at a time.