Game Of Thrones

Making strong moves to fill in her “Massively Successful Genre Series” bingo card ahead of anybody else—looking at you, Maisie Williams—Game Of Thrones and Star Wars actress Jessica Henwick has joined the cast of Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist series. Henwick—who plays fierce Dornish noble Nymeria Sand on the HBO series, and Resistance fighter pilot Jessika Pava in The Force Awakens—will appear as Colleen Wing, a martial arts master who helps recently returned millionaire Danny Rand (Henwick’s fellow GoT cast mate, Finn Jones) re-acclimate to Western society.

Wing is a major character in the Iron Fist comics, where she usually acts as a partner to Rand’s recurring love interest, Misty Knight, who’s set to be played by Simone Missick in the upcoming Luke Cage. At the moment, it’s not clear when Iron Fist and all its new Westerosi refugees are going to be making their way to the streaming service. Presumably, they’ll show up in New York’s increasingly crowded Hell’s Kitchen some time after Cage lands on September 30.


[via Entertainment Weekly]