(Photo: Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The recent transition of Candy Crush into a CBS TV show is already a head-scratcher; now another phone game seemingly past its prime is also headed for prime time. Engadget reports today that WWF parent company Zynga is “teaming up with MGM Television on a Words With Friends game show that would translate the phone-friendly Scrabble-alike to the big screen.” Televised Scrabble honestly doesn’t sound that intriguing, but we never thought that playing 3-D Candy Crush would involve putting people in treacherous-looking scaffolding and harnesses either.

WWF, while no longer at its 2009-10 height, still boasts 55 million games going on at any one time, eight full years after its debut. Since we are currently active in at least a dozen of those games, we suppose that an inspired triple word score or a well-placed J or Z might add some televised excitement. Might we suggest A.V. Club TV show host John Teti as an early contestant? Because that guy slaughters us every single time.