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Another Furby is murdered live on the internet for your amusement

Screenshot: RHNB-Furby

Why, it was just a few weeks ago when a few enterprising young filmmakers decided to sate a dark lust within their souls by splitting apart two Furbies using a water jet. The chirruping, eye-rolling little things died majestically, their eyes filling with a viscous black goo before their vivisected corpses were dragged around the asphalt in humiliation.

Now, watch as a Furby Boom, Sweater Edition is put to the death. It was sentenced to this fate because its motor stopped working, so its eyes do not roll about in wonder as the other’s did. But the Furby Boom, Sweater Edition still emits a few light warbles as a gloved hand roughly prods its orifices. Then, a red-hot ball of nickel is heated up with a blowtorch and placed atop its head, which ignites in flames. The Furby weeps smoke out of its eyes as its life leaves it and the flames lick further down its squat body. Finally, its hollowed-out skull is filled with water and offered for viewer enjoyment: It is empty, and it is finished.

What compels us toward this dark market of Furby snuff? The previous video at least proffered the excuse of seeing what was inside the little robots, but this video is largely silent, leaving the viewer only a quiet space in which to grapple with their thoughts. Where does this dark path end?


If you’re still hungry to watch Furbies die, revisit the water-jet Furbies below, at least until some new filmmaker looks to the toy on their shelf and decides to let their id take over.

[via Laughing Squid]

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