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Illustration for article titled Another actor from emThe Walking Dead/em just got their own AMC show, so you know what that probably means

Continuing a tradition of The Walking Dead potentially being spoiled by selfish actors who insist on securing future work for themselves, AMC has signed David Morrissey—known as The Governor to those who didn’t see Basic Instinct 2—to headline its new drama pilot Line Of Sight. As previously reported, Line Of Sight hails from Brotherhood’s Blake Masters and Jonathan Demme, and concerns a National Transportation Safety Board investigator whose life begins to unravel after he survives a mysterious plane crash and becomes convinced of a vast conspiracy, likely while also becoming kind of a dick. Now it seems Morrissey will play that investigator/dick, leading naturally to the question of whether this means The Governor isn’t expected to last much longer on The Walking Dead.

According to the network, at least, it doesn’t, since both shows will shoot in Atlanta, and Morrissey is expected to pull “double duty.” Still, you can probably draw your own conclusions—or more likely, allow the people who have read Robert Kirkman’s comics to do so for you. Or you could just accept that, eventually, everyone on every show you watch is going to die, and aspire toward the same inner peace with this that you must strive for in everyday life. The people on The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men; your grandma; the butterfly outside your window; you—as we speak, all are being considered to star in the new pilot Inescapable Death. Good morning!

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