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[Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault.]

An anonymous woman has issued a lawsuit today, accusing singer Chris Brown of conspiring to help his friend, rapper Lowell Grissom Jr.—as well as several other unnamed parties—sexually assault and rape her during a 2017 party at Brown’s home. The woman—identified as simply “Jane Doe” in the suit—is represented by well-known attorney Gloria Allred, who’s also represented women with accusations of assault and harassment against men like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.


In the suit (viewable at Rolling Stone), Doe alleges that Grissom lured her to Brown’s home after confiscating her phone at a party at a recording studio and refusing to return it. Doe says Brown and Grissom provided drugs and alcohol to the women at the party at the R&B singer’s gated home, brandished several firearms, and refused all requests to return Doe’s phone to her. Eventually, they lured her to an upstairs bedroom, where Brown (accompanied by Grissom and several other women) moved a sofa in front of the door, began playing porn on the television, and began having sex with several of the women in attendance. Doe attempted to block out the activity in the hopes of being left alone, but was eventually approached by a woman, identified as “Doe X” in the suit, who she says physically forced her to perform oral sex on both herself and Grissom. Doe says Grissom later raped her twice more, before ultimately giving her her phone back and letting her leave.

The suit directly accuses Doe X and Grissom of sexual battery and a number of other charges; it also accuses Brown, as well as 50 other unidentified party-goers, of co-conspiring in the assault. Allred read out several of the charges during a press conference earlier today; she called the alleged assault “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen.”


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