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Announcing our first Kindle book: “Buy The RV, We Start Tomorrow": The A.V. Club’s Guide To Breaking Bad

Like the A.V. Club? Have a Kindle or a device with a Kindle app? Like Breaking Bad? Map those questions out on a Venn diagram and if you fall in the overlap we’ve got something you’ll love. “Buy The RV, We Start Tomorrow": The A.V. Club’s Guide To Breaking Bad, is our first venture into the world of Kindle publishing with Kindle’s bargain-priced eBooks. But don’t let the $2.99 price tag fool you: Buy The RV contains a lot of material for your money, including past interviews with Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan, and Bob Odenkirk and every episode review from the show’s first three seasons. All that plus a new intro from The A.V. Club’s resident Breaking Bad expert Donna Bowman and a great cover illustration from Danny Hellman.


We hope you like it. It’s our first try at this and so far it’s gone pretty smoothly—though apologies in advance for the erratic use of italicization. If it takes off, we’d love to package together some more themed content as A.V. Club Kindle books. Have any suggestions? Fire away.

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