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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Announcing a new TV Club Twitter account: @AVTVClub

For those of you who’ve been hoping we’d eventually just start segregating our TV-related tweets off into a separate Twitter feed entirely (all one of you), you’re in luck! We’re pleased to announce the arrival of @AVTVClub, which is now the place you can find out all of the latest TV Club scoop. We’ll be tweeting links to all TV Club reviews, but also to our other TV-related content, including interviews, features, and other pieces. The feed also follows a bevy of the best TV critics who work for publications other than The A.V. Club (we know, we know… such things don’t exist) and retweets them often, so we’ll be your complete TV-news clearing ground in Twitter form. And maybe if you’re lucky, the @AVTVClub robot will follow you, too, and you will know you’ve inspired a moment of happiness in his cold, programmed heart. And don’t worry: @TheAVClub still exists, and it still loves you, though it’s arguable @AVTVClub loves you more. We’ll have to conduct a survey of our adorable, adorable Twitter robots. (And if you wanted to draw said Twitter robots, well, we wouldn’t say no, but we also couldn’t provide you with anything more than a reassuring pat on the head.)


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