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Announcement roundup: The Flaming Lips' new movie, Slash's new album, and Lady Gaga's new interpretation of the space-time continuum

Speaking to Billboard, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips announced plans for a new film project, his first since 2008's Christmas On Mars. Says Coyne, the as-yet-untitled movie will be driven by a single pervading aesthetic: "My only goal was that I didn't have to build space station-looking sets every time I wanted to have someone say something." Instead, Coyne explains, the film will be shot with friends, bandmates, and the stray celebrity guest in his native Oklahoma City, and will be set "in someone's house and in a back yard and in a slaughterhouse."

Billboard also has news about Slash's upcoming, self-titled solo debut, due April 6. In addition to including all original members of Guns N' Roses (minus Axl, of course), the album will feature vocals by Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy, Kid Rock, Chris Cornell, Fergie (wow), and others. The most disturbing item to be gleaned from the article is the fact that it apparently took Slash months to track down the dude from Wolfmother to ask him to contribute guest vocals. 'Cause, you know, that guy must be really busy.


The most puzzling announcement of the day, though, has to be this from Lady Gaga. According to MTV News, a rep from her label, Interscope, said the shock-mongering chanteuse has plans for "a 3-D concert and DVD in the near future." The last time we checked, every concert ever held on this plane of existence was already in 3-D. But hey, Lady Gaga clearly knows a few things about the fabric of the universe that we don't.

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