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Aiming to revisit an era when America swooned over brooding vampire men instead of brooding vampire boys, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard have optioned Anne Rice’s The Tale Of The Body Thief—the fourth book in the author’s Vampire Chronicles series about bloodsuckers who have retained their Old World dignity, before every vampire started dressing like an H&M model. The film adaptation would mark the first time Rice’s famed creation Lestat has appeared on screen since 2002’s Aaliyah-starring Queen Of The Damned—a movie that instantly disproves everything we just said, as Stuart Townsend looks like a TV producer’s idea of Trent Reznor in that thing, possibly as described by a teenage daughter that was mostly just fucking with him. Anyway, considering that the story involves Lestat swapping bodies with a psychic and spending most of the film hunting his old body down so he can switch back (It’s like a vampire Vice Versa!)—and given that Grazer and Howard have partnered with the similarly blockbuster-minded producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci—expect the rumors that Tom Cruise will cameo in his Interview With The Vampire role to begin any minute now.


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