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Anne Heche to explore relationships in new NBC sitcom

Hung co-creator Colette Burson is re-teaming with Anne Heche (who had a supporting role on that show) on a new comedy for NBC that the two are co-writing, with Heche likely to star. The show will center on the manager of a department store's beauty section, who "turns a comic yet anthropological eye on what love and sex really mean for women." She'll have help from her "hilariously opinionated" sister, her co-workers, and whoever happens to walk past her beauty counter, one hand up to shield themselves from being spritzed by perfume, because if it's anything like Macy's, they aim right for the eyes.

So, basically, the show will be Masters Of Sex without the medical expertise, historical accuracy, or pay cable's license to actually show or talk frankly about any aspect of human sexuality. In other words, all of the elements of a popular show, except for the few that are crucial to the show working. Anyway, it's at least a positive development for Heche, who, after going crazy for a few years there, seems to have her career on the upswing with well-regarded turns on Hung and in Cedar Rapids, and a current arc on NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show.


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