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Anne Hathaway's new Catwoman photo has plenty of leather, some sensuality

The era of slowly leaked Dark Knight Rises reveals is drawing to a close soon, but today reminds us there is still at least one thing we’ve yet to lay our preemptive judgment upon: what Anne Hathaway will look like as Catwoman. That early image of Hathaway in Bluetooth goggles barreling through a hotel lobby on her way to the complimentary continental breakfast (or maybe not doing that) was technically a photo of “Selina Kyle,” after all, so the below Entertainment Weekly cover is officially our first look at Catwoman—especially since today's other leaked, slightly more revealing promo art has already been scrubbed from the web at the studio's request. So below lies our first chance to see Hathaway in costume and make knee-jerk conclusions about her suitability for the role, and first opportunity to offer her chivalrous salutation to the Batman franchise, as though a nobleman curtsying before a lady-in-waiting.

As you can see, Hathaway’s Catwoman prefers the breathable, flexible, crevice-hugging rubberized leather that is so in vogue for today’s superhero-on-the-go, and at this admittedly faraway angle, it appears that those aforementioned goggles may also double as her "ears," as some suspected. Way to suspect, some people. So you can see that this Catwoman is very practical indeed and, judging by her expression, tough and/or humiliated. See if you can also spot the “some sensuality” in this photo.


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