Were you, perhaps, concerned by those early press releases that stated, quite possibly pointedly, that Anne Hathaway would star as “Selina Kyle” in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises? You are now (most likely) free to worry about other things: Hathaway suggested that no, the film will not feature Hathaway’s Kyle in decidedly civilian form—maybe casting a meaningful sidelong glance at a cat attacking a bird and smiling wryly to herself and that’s it—by appearing on Oprah’s post-Oscars special and referring to the role only as “Catwoman.” Of course, we suppose you could make the argument here that she’s only using “Catwoman” in a more general sense, that her Selina Kyle may only don the suit—if she does at all—near the end of the film, much like Aaron Eckhart was really “Harvey Dent” in The Dark Knight. But why must we argue? Spring is almost upon us! It’s a time for renewal, not a time for arguments. [via Collider]