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Comedy Central’s developing yet another workplace comedy with Corporate, but it’s reportedly one with a “dark, satirical” bent: The series follows “two junior executives-in-training who are forced to do the dirty work of the higher-ups at one of the world’s largest corporations, Hampton DeVille.” Comedians Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman are set to play the two leads, and now Deadline reports that they’ll be joined or deterred in their corporate ladder-climbing by Anne Dudek (Mad Men, House), Adam Lustick (Adam Ruins Everything), and The Wire’s Lance Reddick.

Dudek, who’s currently recurring on The Magicians, has been cast as Kate, “a friendly in a sociopathic way executive at the corporation,” which presumably means she’s part Amber Volakis, part Francine Hanson. Kate’s conniving counterpart, John, will be played by Lustick, who’s had guest spots on (NBC’s) The Office and 2 Broke Girls in addition to helping Adam Conover ruin engagement rings for people. And Reddick, who will be seen next month in season two of Amazon’s Bosch, will play their “high-strung CEO” and corporate overlord Christian. It’s not clear what industry all of these characters work in, so we could eventually learn that all Hampton DeVille does is crank out synergy and/or intra-office shenanigans.