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Annabelle 3 will connect to The Conjuring, with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga returning

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Annabelle: The Creation actually turned out surprisingly well for a prequel to a bad movie that was a spin-off of a good movie, and since the popularity of The Nun has ensured that the Conjuring spin-off universe is going to be a thing, it’s time to start thinking about the third Annabelle movie. Now, the Conjuring timeline is starting to get pretty tight, especially when it comes to the haunted Annabelle doll, but it sounds like this next movie is going to take place in the five-minute span between the beginning of the first Conjuring—when Ed and Lorraine Warren stop the doll from terrorizing some nurses and secure it in their special spooky room—and the moment the main plot of the film kicks off.


Specifically, the movie will be about the Warren’s daughter Judy, who gets terrorized by the doll alongside her teenage cousin. Apparently, keeping a bunch of haunted garbage in your house is kind of a bad idea, even when you have anti-ghost powers granted by God like the Warrens do in these movies. Speaking of them, though, Deadline is reporting that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are set to appear in Annabelle 3 as their characters from the core Conjuring films, making this the first time one of the spin-offs has directly tied in with the main series (beyond the appearances of Annabelle and the Nun, obviously). Judy, meanwhile, will be played by Mckenna Grace instead of Sterling Jerins, who played the character in the two Conjuring movies.

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