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Annabelle 2 gets new title, possible origin story

Annabelle (Photo: New Line)

It wasn’t the only horror feature Warner Bros. showed off at CinemaCon today, with Variety reporting that attendees were treated to a quick clip of crucifix-wielding 24: Legacy star Miranda Otto in Annabelle 2, now retitled Annabelle: Creation.

We can only assume that means New Line’s favorite murder doll is getting her own origin story, finally explaining how she keeps popping up to inject some porcelain mayhem into people’s lives, both in her own movies and in the Conjuring parent series. Director David F. Sandberg (Lights Out) commented on the new title on Twitter, saying he was fine with just calling the movie Annabelle 2, but that Warner Bros. didn’t want people to think it was “more of the same.”


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